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Stuart’s 17-year career spans 5 countries, top tier global agencies, and a great variety of business models. He’s made his name as an integrated creative leader working across the ever-evolving landscape of creative communications, technology and advertising.

His super power (or foremost ability) is to bring together people with different skillsets, backgrounds and experiences to arrive at unique solutions. Whether it be working closely with specialist designers, writers, strategists, and production collaborators, or by joining forces with multi-skilled creatives and brave clients as they desire to stand out in the noisy world. He believes in the momentum created when a team brings to life ideas that haven't been done before.

Having solved difficult marketing challenges and real business issues facing some of the world’s most iconic brands, Stuart has been able to collect multiple accolades from all the major international advertising award shows along the way. He truly believes, however, that the real measure of a brands’ success is by seeing how much people like to participate, interact, and willingly champion that brand’s true sense of purpose.



• I watch a plethora of films.

• Hold an International Sailing Skipper's license.

• Graduated as an Industrial Designer.