To support the launch of the Limited Edition Electrik bottles during the busiest time of year Absolut wanted to employ a socially provocative campaign. The insight: Young people avoid blending different friend groups together in social settings especially around the holidays. By challenging this we realized we could encourage a new social behavior, broaden people's social circles, and make everyones' night fresh and unexpected. Bring on the Absolut Hoppr web app.


Centering around a mobile web experience as "Hoppr" you could gain invites to multiple parties through 2nd degree connections to Hosts in your local area - lining up a night of party hopping. Or as a "Host" you could add fresh faces to your party mix by swiping through various Hoppr requests to then accept or deny them. Successful requests receive an invitation and also appear on your guest list.

Inspired by Hinge, Facebook enables connections via a mutual friend, making it possible to meet new people you wouldn’t normally meet otherwise. The web experience was all accessed directly via a link from social media.



Supported by a social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram, we also leveraged influencers social feeds rounding it out as a complete integrated program.

Seen as a huge success by Pernod Ricard Absolut Hoppr has gone on to become a case example of the way the brand would like to interact with it's target audience. Rolled out in New York first it's set to expand into other global markets. The brand gained relevance with the younger audience, challenged people to socialize differently, created fresh experiences, and also provided a successful partnership platform for local distributors and branded events to embrace.


Digital partners Media Monks, New York